The bold new world of typography

Fonts are having a moment. Type designer Kristína Jandová talks us through it.

A new type of typographer has emerged. Less in awe of the past masters, they’re using scripts and software like Glyphs, Robofont and Fontlab to shake up the industry with confident, experimental fonts that explore the outer limits of legibility.

We spoke to OPX Type and Graphic Designer Kristína Jandová about this burst of creativity, why brands increasingly want something bespoke, and how she got into the letters game.

Was becoming a type designer always the plan?

Œ Display Bold, created by Kristína for Berlin’s Œ magazine.
ΠDisplay Bold in action. See more at

When did type turn serious for you?

How have tech advances changed typography?

Created in Dinamo’s Dark Room.
GT America from Swiss foundry, Grilli Type. “It’s quite experimental but very clean.”
GT America design features.

Why do brands increasingly want their own font?

Dinamo for Nike’s 2018 Gorky World Cup. “Nike seem to have a bespoke typeface for every campaign.”
More from the Gorky World Cup.

Which foundries excite you most at the moment?

Variable Estragon typeface by Dinamo
Reader by Colophon Foundry. See more here.

You’re now full time at OPX. Should all design studio have in house type designers?

A sneak peek of the flexible new OPX font Kristína is designing.

Finally, what’s the next big thing in fonts?

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