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This is the story of how we created our very own typeface, OPX Medium

3 min readJul 2, 2019

Our typeface is principal to OPX’s new era, with hidden depths and surprising detail. We were aiming to create something playful, versatile and exceptional.

Here’s how we created Grotesk typeface, OPX Medium.

David Bennett, Creative Director explains “As a typographic designer, I wanted the Studio to own a typeface that was unique and embraced the culture of OPX — reflecting the odd quirkiness of us as a bunch of individuals”.

Using Glyphs (a Mac-only font editor developed by George Seifert) enabled our in-house type designer, Kristína Jandová, to build a typeface for a future shaped by responsive design. Balancing form and function, we required a typeface that would work courageously across digital environments.

The uppercase characters glide and extend elegantly across screens of all sizes. Lowercase, our typeface is inspired by modernism, taking the purest geometric forms of its three OpenType features.

Embedded with contextual alternates, it can automatically generate different combinations of its OpenType features every time you use it. Personality is shown through the different stylistic sets (look at our g’s and q’s).

A typeface represents the tone and values of the brand even more so than a colour can represent feeling. For any brand, its typographic palette is an important part of their brand strategy, not least for increased consistency across all channels and communications but also to increase the brand’s memorability.

View the typeface in application at opx.studio
Read our Medium article on the bold new world of typography here.

We have three limited edition copies of our OPX Medium specimen book
email emily@opx.co.uk to request one — first come, first serve.




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