In our privileged world we have stuff. Lots of stuff. And all that stuff we buy has traditionally been designed to break. It truly was a light bulb moment when in the 1920s, representatives from top manufacturers worldwide, colluded to artificially reduce a bulb’s lifetime to 1,000 hours. And so planned obsolescence was born. And it’s not just products, fast fashion was created with the same motives — to get consumers to buy more, more frequently.

But if we buy something, we own it. It’s ours to do what we want with it. Use it, modify it, repair it, however…

In the months that have followed we’ve spent a lot of time listening. Often to clients asking for help to dramatically rethink their business, their priorities and their timelines. Sometimes over bad wifi with glitchy video. And perhaps most importantly, we’ve been listening and learning from those rightfully demanding change in response to George Floyd’s death.

Clearly things won’t get back to normal for many months, but is that even what we…

Things change. The familiar can quickly be replaced by something altogether unfamiliar which leaves a sour taste in the mouth of the general public. Take Fiona Bruce replacing David Dimbleby on Question Time or go a bit further back to when David Moyes replaced Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester Utd. Even Prue Leith’s introduction to the tent required some periods of early adjustment as we all tried our best to wake up to change having spent years under Mary Berry’s spell.

But then eventually, as is life and the healing powers of time, the feelings of deep despair subside, the…

The ten-year strategy for Arts Council England was published last Monday and we couldn’t be prouder to have worked on such an inspiring project. A project that endeavours to shine a light on positivity and collaboration over what promises to be a very interesting next decade.

But how do you create a campaign for a strategy that is focused on inclusivity, opportunity and public engagement?

A hospitality school delivering the unexpected.

How do you abandon convention without upsetting tradition? It’s a difficult balance to strike. A new direction takes confidence.

Based on the Swiss model of experiential learning, Les Roches is an international hospitality school renowned for transformational teaching and the diversity of its students. A three-campus international school based in Switzerland, Spain and China, and known for doing things differently, we knew our work for them had to do the same.

It’s that time of the year when a palpable sense of magic hangs in the air. The man with the bushy white beard is doing his best to get around the four corners of the country to fulfil everyone’s wishes before morning. It’s been a relentless campaign from Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in their bid to dethrone the king of the Conservatives and end their nine-year stranglehold on government. It’s had to be.

The final day of campaigning saw Boris Johnson step into the early hours of a cold Leeds morning and onto the doorsteps of Guiseley as Wednesday morning’s…

As Wallace Finnerty-Mackay draws to the end of a month’s work experience at OPX studio and just days before she starts her new role with an agency in Rotterdam, she reflects on her early pursuits as a graphic designer and the internship process.

Seconds before I press record on my phone’s microphone, thanks to the corner of her curious eye, a book has caught Wallace’s attention. She pulls it from its hiding place on the studio’s bookshelf and flicks through the pages. The word ‘MAK’ stretches itself in big, bold white letters across the black cover. An abbreviation for ‘Mackay…

Toyota and Honda,
Nintendo and Sony,
Nissan, Suzuki and Lexus and Muji,
Brown paper packages tied up in strings,
These are a few of Japan’s favourite things.

There’s a lot more but they didn’t lend the right syllables to the song. When it comes to brands, Japan has an undisputed global reach. These days it seems they need to appeal to other nations more than ever but this time with a new brand — Brand Japan.

The last two months have seen the country play host to arguably one of the most interesting branding adventures to date — the 2019…

Audrey Hepburn is having Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the new joint that’s just opened up on a trendy corner of Manhattan. The food’s great and she’s letting everyone know by throwing a filter on it for Instagram.

While it rests seductively on a bed of rye, the crushed avocado might as well be wearing the famous Givenchy black dress, clutching that foot-long cigarette holder as it becomes the subject of it’s very own iconic, 21st-century photoshoot. Another victim of the “look what I’m eating!” collection. Andy Warhol quite literally eat your heart out.

Forget Audrey Hepburn the Hollywood star, today she’d…

Just shy of its ten-year anniversary, Look Mum No Hands! founder Matthew Harper reveals the origin story of setting up a cycle-cafe that was born from the shared aspirations of three friends uninspired by their jobs, looking to create something worthwhile. Today it’s perhaps the city’s…


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